printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

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printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

I was very lucky to have backed up all of my photos to an external hard drive. When my computer became a brick, I wasn't worried about the images being lost. One thing that did concern me was what would happen to all of my photos if the external hard drive was to stop working. Instead of risking the permanent loss of my photos, I started looking for a printing service that would print the thousands of photos at a decent price. I found that some printing services provide better quality prints, different price brackets for large orders and even the option to have my photos printed on different objects. Learn all about photo printing right here on my blog.

Own A Business? Two Reasons Why You Should Invest In Managed Printing Services

If you own a business in a document-intensive industry, you understand how important it is for you to have quality, working printers at your disposal.  However, you may not understand just how much of your company's revenue is being used to keep these printers going.  That's why it's so valuable to invest in managed printing services.  Managed printing services are essentially designed to shine a light on just how your business is using its printers to see if changes are necessary.  Use this information to learn more about why you should look into managed print services today.

Managed Print Services Could Save You Money

One of the most compelling reasons why you should get managed print services is because it is a key way for you to save company funds.  It may surprise you just how much money you're spending to keep your printers going, and managed print services can reveal this to you.

Managed print services are aimed at consolidation.  Your print services consultant will do an evaluation of your current printer usage.  They may discover that there are only two employees for each printer in your facility, or that you have an entire box full of ink or toner in an unused stockroom, which is a waste of funds. At this point, they will draw up a workable plan to get more employees onto each printer, along with taking charge of your ink and toner purchases so that you won't throw money away buying product you don't need.

Managed Print Services Help With The Virtual Printing Environment

Another reason why it's such a good idea to get managed print services is because it is a key way for you to take control of the virtual printing environment.  If your business is like many others, you may have several employees who work from home.  This raises security issues that you should be aware of, and managed print services can help you do this.

Your consultant will make sure that your printing network is connected with the right firewall.  When telecommuters send documents to the printer, the consultant will ensure that you have the kind of printing equipment that will encrypt the data so that it can't be intercepted by intruders before it comes out of the printer.

Working with a managed printing consultant is a key way for you to protect your bottom line.  Contact a business like Kwik Kopy Business Center as soon as possible so you can enjoy these benefits and more.