printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

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printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

I was very lucky to have backed up all of my photos to an external hard drive. When my computer became a brick, I wasn't worried about the images being lost. One thing that did concern me was what would happen to all of my photos if the external hard drive was to stop working. Instead of risking the permanent loss of my photos, I started looking for a printing service that would print the thousands of photos at a decent price. I found that some printing services provide better quality prints, different price brackets for large orders and even the option to have my photos printed on different objects. Learn all about photo printing right here on my blog.

Why Use Screen Printing Services When Launching A Brand?

Have you worked hard to create a one-of-a-kind brand and look forward to telling the world about it? Your brand is likely something you're incredibly proud of creating, and now is the time to show it off to the consumers while creating hype surrounding the products you're offering. But, what is the best way to start spreading the word? Using screen printing services to have custom apparel and accessories designed with your brand's name and logo proudly displayed on these items. Read More 

Print These QR Codes To Use In Your Restaurant

When you open a restaurant, there will likely be a long list of things that you want printed. For example, in addition to getting your menus printed, you may also want to print brochures that you can distribute in the mail to local residents. Another type of printing to consider is a series of small items that feature a QR code for your patrons to scan with their phones. Different restaurants use QR codes in different ways, but it's common for people to be able to scan one of these codes to allow them to read a digital version of your menu. Read More 

2 Cost-Effective Commercial Printing Services To Help Grow Your Business

As your business grows, commercial printing services can be a great way to help with marketing and branding. There are many cost-effective options available that can help you get the most out of your printing budget. Here are two commercial printing services that can help grow your business. Digital Printing Digital printing refers to printing from a digital-based image directly to various media. It usually uses large format inkjet printers, which are capable of producing high-quality prints. Read More 

4 Ways To Open A Store Without Purchasing On-Site Inventory

You want to start an online shop, but to keep costs low, you don't want to have to store any inventory. Luckily, that is an option. With the right setup, you can launch an online shop without filling your home with inventory. Here are the main options.  1. Sell made-on-demand items.  Many items can be made to order. For instance, you can set up a website where people can order your photography on custom coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other items. Read More 

Greek Life | What You Need To Know About Delta Sigma Theta Congratulations Cards

Greek life for women has existed in the United States since the 1850s and is still a powerful way to support fellow women. For members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, or Deltas, support continues when you send Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards. What is Delta Sigma Theta? Delta Sigma Theta is a private, non-profit organization that was founded in 1913 by several women at Howard University. The organization now has over 250,000 members who work within the United States and in countries around the world. Read More