printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

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printing thousands of photos to avoid loss

I was very lucky to have backed up all of my photos to an external hard drive. When my computer became a brick, I wasn't worried about the images being lost. One thing that did concern me was what would happen to all of my photos if the external hard drive was to stop working. Instead of risking the permanent loss of my photos, I started looking for a printing service that would print the thousands of photos at a decent price. I found that some printing services provide better quality prints, different price brackets for large orders and even the option to have my photos printed on different objects. Learn all about photo printing right here on my blog.

Greek Life | What You Need To Know About Delta Sigma Theta Congratulations Cards

Greek life for women has existed in the United States since the 1850s and is still a powerful way to support fellow women. For members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, or Deltas, support continues when you send Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards. What is Delta Sigma Theta? Delta Sigma Theta is a private, non-profit organization that was founded in 1913 by several women at Howard University. The organization now has over 250,000 members who work within the United States and in countries around the world. Read More 

A Managed Print Plan

Scanning, printing, copying, and faxing are all essential components of the printing that is performed at your place of business. A managed print service is one that is conducted by an outside resource. A print manager will assess your company's printing equipment, make recommendations that will maximize the print quality of items, and monitor the quality of the printed materials.  Print Equipment And Your Mission You may not realize how much you depend upon print equipment for various tasks that are conducted within and outside of your business. Read More 

Reasons To Have Wholesale Custom Yard Signs Printed

You can have custom wholesale yard signs made that you can use for your benefit. While you can have them made in different sizes, you will likely find that an 18x24 custom yard sign will work best in many cases. This size is easily visible from the street in many yards, without being too distracting to drivers. You can learn more about some reasons why people have custom yard signs printed in the information here:  Read More 

The Importance Of The Right Logo

When you own a small business, you want to make sure you have a proper logo designed for the company that will work well. You don't want to discredit the importance of a good logo, because this can be something that stands in the way of the company becoming as successful as it could be. If you don't yet understand the importance of the right logo, then you should finish reading this article. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Custom Screen Printing

If you're planning a large-scale marketing campaign for your business, social media or mainstream advertising techniques come top of mind. Surprisingly, custom screen printing offers multiple brand advertising benefits you cannot ignore. Screen printing is an affordable method of imprinting business logos, brand colors, slogans, and targeted messages. Indeed, screen printing on fabrics and wearable merchandise helps to send precise messages to your potential customers. There is a reason why people love promotional products and attire. Read More